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Gulf Coast Homes Inc. has been providing affordable housing to our friends and neighbors in South Louisiana for over 40 years. We founded the company with one goal in mind: meeting the community’s need for affordable housing without sacrificing quality or world-class service. It continues to be our mission today. We have made the dream of homeownership a reality for thousands.

We look forward to continuing the tradition of service that has made our company prosper for so many years.

Custom Home Designs
If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality. Many of our master-planned modular homes have received national recognition. We maintain control throughout the design process to ensure that your residence is built to the highest standards. Our custom modular homes are always gorgeous, well-appointed, and extremely comfortable. We are committed to offering our clients what their hearts desire at best possible price.

Knowledgable Staff

We manage all stages of each project; from the pre-design phase of a project through the construction and delivery. We form alliances with investors, architects, structural engineers, and specialized tradespeople. We are proud members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We will assist you every step of the way, with design, financing, lot preparation, loan closing, and exceptional service after your purchase is made.

Gulf Coast Homes is known for:

Huge Selection

Excellent Service

Final Product, Exceeding Expectations

Honesty, Integrity, and Great Value


What is a Modular Home?

Modular Home

Modular Home:

The modular home is one solution to the post-hurricane housing shortage that is gaining traction throughout the Gulf Coast and Delta. Not to be confused with what is often referred to as “manufactured housing” or trailers which are built to construction standards set by HUD. Modular homes are built using the same construction standards as site-built homes; the 2006 International Residential Building Code, 2005 National Electrical Code, and in Louisiana, the 2000 LA Plumbing Code.

These codes require the builder to include about 40% more wood than what is required by HUD in modular home construction. The maximum wind requirement set by HUD for a modular home is 110 mph. The minimum wind capacity construction that a Gulf Coast Home modular is built to is 130 mph. Modular construction offers some significant advantages over traditional site-built homes that are particularly well suited to the current challenges facing Gulf Coast recovery:

1. The efficiencies of building housing in a controlled factory environment can deliver more housing, faster, with less waste, than site-built operations. With 90% of the construction taking place in the factory, these homes can be “set ” on-site and ready for occupancy in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. By dramatically reducing construction waste and weather-related downtime, and by maximizing the labor efficiencies of assembly line production, significant savings can be realized by the consumer.

2. The inherent precision of factory production produces a more rigid structure with fewer defects than “stick-built” housing. In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, government studies found that modular homes experienced less damage than other types of homes because of the precise and inflexible construction, making it ideal for resisting hurricane winds.

3. Modular Home values are tied to site-built construction homes and this will usually mean appreciable value in the future, something that is not possible with a modular home.

4. At modular home, we can custom design your new modular floor plan. This is virtually impossible to do when purchasing a manufactured home and is not cost-effective when building a site-built home.

5. Many more finance options are available for modular housing because their value is tied to site-built homes. Many lenders who would not consider financing manufactured housing have no problem financing modular housing due to their tendency to appreciate in value. This fact also means interest rates are usually much lower than those offered to clients looking to purchase a “manufactured home.”